Functional English


The Functional English curriculum is designed to enhance the learner’s English language skills through situational learning. Our course focuses on developing the four core skills essential to learning a language—listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Our lessons aim to help learners:

  • Use English in daily interactions
  • Read and follow instructions in English
  • Write in English for basic documentation
  • Feel comfortable using domain-specific terms

High Level Curriculum Design


The Everyday English module comprises a comprehensive set of multimedia lessons designed to help learners use global English fluently, correctly and confidently in general day-to-day contexts.
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Module 1 Beginner
Unit 1 Greetings and Introductions
Unit 2 Talking About Yourself
Unit 3 Talking About Family
Unit 4 Describing Countries & Nationalities
Unit 5 Using Numbers
Unit 6 Telling Time
Unit 7 Using a Calendar
Unit 8 Describing Habits and Routines
Unit 9 Making Plans
Unit 10 Talking about Food
Unit 11 Clothes You Wear
Unit 12 Talking About the Weather
Unit 13 Talking about Sports and Hobbies
Unit 14 Talking About Animals
Unit 15 Talking About Nature and Colors
Unit 16 Describing Holidays and Festivals
Unit 17 Asking For Directions
Unit 18 Asking Questions
Unit 19 Ordering at a Restaurant
Unit 20 Shopping
Module 2 Intermediate
Unit 1 Talking on the Phone
Unit 2 Visiting a Doctor
Unit 3 Planning a Holiday
Unit 4 Finding a Place to Stay
Unit 5 Negotiation
Unit 6 Inviting Someone
Unit 7 Understanding Simple Instructions
Unit 8 Giving Advice
Unit 9 Talking About Places and Things
Unit 10 Describing My House and School
Unit 11 Describing a Town and Giving Directions
Unit 12 Describing a Place
Unit 13 Describing Someone
Unit 14 Describing Behaviour and Character
Unit 15 Talking About Likes Dislikes and Favorite Things
Unit 16 Talking about strengths and weaknesses
Unit 17 Recounting an Experience
Unit 18 Paraphrasing*
Unit 19 Talking About the Past
Unit 20 Describing a Lost Article
Module 3 Advanced
Unit 1 Describing how you met someone*
Unit 2 Going To The Movies
Unit 3 Cooking and Eating Out*
Unit 4 Reading a newspaper*
Unit 5 Talking about Music*
Unit 6 Talking about work/ studies*
Unit 7 Talking about the environment*
Unit 8 Talking About Imaginary Scenarios
Unit 9 Telling a Story
Unit 10 Discussing History and Traditions*
Unit 11 Discussing theories*
Unit 12 Being Healthy*
Unit 13 Making Resolutions*
Unit 14 Talking about change/ the future*
Unit 15 Talking About Aspirations *
Unit 16 Talking about values*
Unit 17 Talking about problems*
Unit 18 Expressing feelings*
Unit 19 Appreciating Someone *
Unit 20 Saying No

The Workplace English module comprises a comprehensive set of rich multimedia lessons designed to help learners use global English fluently, correctly and confidently in the professional context.
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Module 1 Beginner
Unit 1 Describing Your Job
Unit 2 Talking About Your Company
Unit 3 Describing an Office
Unit 4 Greeting People at Work
Unit 5 Greeting a Customer
Unit 6 Attending a Conference
Unit 7 Listening to a presentation *
Unit 8 Workplace Do's and Don’ts
Unit 9 The Dress Code*
Unit 10 Looking for a job*
Module 2 Intermediate
Unit 1 Accepting a Job Offer
Unit 2 Leaving a Message*
Unit 3 Communicating with Your Manager and Colleagues
Unit 4 Asking for permission
Unit 5 Importance of Computers*
Unit 6 Registering at a conference *
Unit 7 Speaking at a meeting*
Unit 8 Talking about your career plans
Unit 9 Asking for a pay rise*
Unit 10 Emails and memos/ Reporting a Conversation*
Module 3 Upper Intermediate
Unit 1 Preparing a Work Plan
Unit 2 Writing Leave Application *
Unit 3 Writing a Covering Letter
Unit 4 Communicating with Visitors and New Hires *
Unit 5 Directing a Customer, Patient or Relative*
Unit 6 Handling Customer Queries
Unit 7 Asking for and giving clarification and verification*
Unit 8 Making suggestions*
Unit 9 Apologising
Unit 10 Making a Complaint
Unit 11 Clarifications and Verifications*
Module 4 Advanced
Unit 1 Delivering a presentation*
Unit 2 Attending an interview *
Unit 3 Taking a telephonic interview *
Unit 4 Directing a Customer
Unit 5 Writing Meeting Minutes
Unit 6 Writing a Resume
Unit 7 Discussing Sensitive Information *
Unit 8 Giving and Receiving Feedback
Unit 9 Reporting problems and progress *
Unit 10 Responding to a complaint *
Unit 11 Handling a Tough Customer *
* = Coming Soon