Workplace Skills

We are committed to providing content designed to enhance the skills of young adults, increasing their chance of employability and a successful career.workplace

Around the world, employers are looking for people with better emotional skills, such as self-management, the ability to work under stressful conditions, interpersonal skills, as well as proficiency in communication, presenting ideas, and negotiation. As soft skills and spoken English skills become as important as subject matter expertise, there is a need to build the competencies of our students and young professionals in what we define as Essential Workplace Skills.

Basic working knowledge of productivity tools and computers, along with knowledge of health and safety regulations, will give aspiring youth an edge in securing the right job.  

enlgish-thumbnOur lessons focus on improving students’ vocabulary and spoken English skills through situational learning. Our lessons aim at helping learners:

              • Understand basic, spoken English
              • Speak English in daily interactions
              • Read and follow instructions in English
              • Write in English for basic documentation at work
              • Understand and use domain-specific terms




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As the modern workplace becomes more and more emotionally demanding, professionals need tools to help them deal with peers, customers, and supervisors with professional tact;  be more productive, efficient, and solve problems deftly. Our modules provide techniques for:

              • Managing one’s self
              • Interacting with others
              • Looking for the right job
              • Excelling at work
              • Starting a business



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Every organization follows rules and regulations  in order to make the workplace safe and healthy for customers and employees. Our modules will help you:

              • Learn these regulations
              • Be prepared to handle emergencies
              • Know what to do in case of fire accidents
              • Learn best practices to safeguard the environment.


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Today, most workplaces and organizations use computers as a tool to manage information, plan work, and communicate. As a working professional, you may need to use e-mail, write and print reports, search the internet for information, and  use electronic equipment on a daily basis. Our IT modules help you to learn:

              • Typing
              • Basics of computers
              • Office productivity tools
              • Internet and e-mail
              • Social Media


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